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By Work-Bench

Every enterprise startup we've spoken to during the COVID-19 outbreak has asked the same question:

“How do we think about enterprise sales during this time?”

****To help tackle this question, we pulled together the top resources, guides, and articles that we've seen around enterprise sales during both the COVID-19 and previous downturns.

While there is no precedent for what we're facing today, our hope is that some of these guides can serve as a starting point for enterprise companies and sales teams to navigate different sales strategies to weather this challenging time.

On the Work-Bench front, we’ve been hosting webinars, enterprise sales chats and other community events, and collating top findings to share with our enterprise community:

🤝 Selling to New Customers

If your product is mission critical:

Whether it's in remote work, collaboration, DevOps, automation, employee experience, and more, then this is an opportunity to go out and speak with new customers. However, it's important to do this with empathy.

If your product is non-essential to remote-work:

Now is the time to showcase new customers your product's long-term value and sustainability - across White Papers, Webinars, Content, Virtual Events, Community Groups and more - so that when customers are ready to buy again, they will be primed.